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Groupon vs The Customer Advantage

Groupon has been extremely successful offering huge discounts to consumers at no cost while giving small to medium size companies the power in advertising. This is the wave of the future, and the marketplace is wide open for companies to follow the same business model of collective buying that has made Groupon a billion dollar company almost over night.

The following table clearly shows the key differences offered as far as compensation go, and The Customer Advantage program clearly has the advantage in the long-run.

The Customer Advantage
Significant discount offers
Groupon Review
Groupon Review
Ability To Get paid From Personal Referrals
Groupon Compare
Groupon Review
Get paid From 2nd Tier Referrals Purchases
Groupon Review
Get paid From 3nd Tier Referrals Purchases
Groupon Business
Get paid From 4th Tier Referrals Purchases
Websites Like Groupon
Get paid From 5th Tier Referrals Purchases
Websites Like Groupon
Businesses Refer Own Customers & Earn
Groupon Review
Non-Profits Use As a Fundraiser
Groupon Review

Although most Groupon Reviews have been positive I believe the differences offered by The
Customer Advantage give it a A+ rating. There are other Websites Like Groupon but none of them deliver what Customer Advantage will be providing.

“The Customer Advantage”

Wins Over Groupon:

  1. Because of the commissions being paid out to subscribers – they
    are that much more motivated to support and respond to local
    businesses that are promoting through The Customer Advantage program
    rather than a Groupon Business.
  2. Businesses can now monetize their customer base
    by referring them to subscribe to The Customer Advantage program. This
    is not an available option if you are a Groupon Business.The potential
    response of their customers and their referrals to special offers from
    other local businesses adds additional revenue. Think about it, Joe’s
    Sandwich Shop has referred 1,000 customers to The Customer Advantage.
    Each of them have referred others and these additional
    people have continued to refer hundreds more. These people will be
    responding to a 50% off at Sally’s Flower shop. Joe’s Sandwich shop
    continues to profit from these purchases, even if they happen to be in
    another city or state.

  3. Non-profits, clubs and organizations can participate as well –
    This means candy bar sales are gone forever! Simply subscribe the
    constituents for free and encourage them to share it with their friends
    and family. The organization can make thousands of dollars a month from
    several generations of referrals simply taking advantage of
    significantly discounted offers from area merchants.

To View The Customer Advantage Program Go to:

Is the Customer Advantage a Scam?

A lot of folks have asked this question because how can a company pay commissions without charging a membership fee. You really need to have a good understanding of the business model and I have to say it took me a few days to get it. This was before we had the videos that are available now. Please take the time to watch the video under Groupon Vs The Customer Advantage article on our site.

Now John Milanoski, the owner, challenges anyone to find a whole in this business model, and I haven’t been able to find one. It’s completely free to join and market and they will never ask for a dime from it’s members.

For businesses, they can use their services with no cash out of pocket and get paid after the campaign is done.

As a free member you will get deals for your area starting in the States first but plans to grow around the globe as the membership grows. For those outside the States, you can promote the company to others and earn commissions. There just won’t be offers for your area to begin with.

The only possible catches I could find are:

1) Needs Growth – if the company doesn’t grow it’s membership to a large number then it would have much to offer as far as an advertising network for businesses. But, there are no signs of that. In fact, it is the complete opposite. The first month was October where they only had a few hundred members. In November they went to a thousand or so. This is when I first got involved. It has now grown to over 50,000 members and these numbers should explode when the offers start coming in. And then even more when commissions start getting paid. So growth shouldn’t be an issue.

2) Interest from Businesses – The company needs interest from companies that are willing to use their network, but talking to the communications director for the company this isn’t going to be a problem. They already have huge interest not only from local businesses but also national chains as well. Therefore, I feel assured this won’t be a problem.

3) Solid Computer Network – The company needs to be setup to handle the projected rapid growth and from all investigations they have prepared to handle any type of spikes in growth where if needed they can expand their servers to provide additional support. They appear well prepared here as well.

4) Support and Customer Reps – They will need to have a number of support staff to answer customer questions and also reps to work with companies using their services. To date, they’ve been handling support issues in a timely manner. They will be hiring and training a number of staff in the next few months and on a continual basis as the company grows. This is still to happen but I believe they are well prepared to expand.

5) Global Payment System and Tracking – They need to be able to handle payments for offers, send payments to companies and pay out commissions to affiliates around the globe since they allow anyone to market this even though offers will just be in the States to start. I haven’t gotten exact details on their banking setup but I’ve been told everything is on track to be able to handle sales and payments. They feel confident so I’m guessing they’ve gotten everything setup to go.

Beyond those questions that seemed to be addressed, I can’t really find holes in this plan and would like others to see what they think. Feel free to email or comment.

If you aren’t in yet then join here and check out all the information in the members area. It’s completely free and they won’t ever ask charge for anything.

Yours for Sucess,

Scott Matsui

How Can The Customer Advantage Benefit Your Business?

There are two key ways that the Customer Advantage can help expand an owner’s business.

First – Using the Zero Cash Risk Service to Advertise Your Business

Getting the word out about your business FAST and without any upfront costs. This is huge because you are basically advertising for FREE.

Your business will offer one of your products and services at a discount to entice member’s of the Customer Advantage to buy your offer. The offer is only good for a short period of time and when it is complete, your business gets the cash upfront minus the customer advantage fee.

It’s very simple to setup a campaign. You just fill out the form on our site at:

Then a representative will contact you on how to setup, design and market your discount campaign. They do all the work for you based on your conditions.
***NOTE: Campaigns will start going out in February/March of 2011.

When the campaign launches, it will be sent out to all the members giving them an opportunity to buy your discounted product or service. Those that do become your instant customers and put instant cash into your business.

Why is this better than traditional advertising? Both cost money but one is upfront out of pocket expense while the Customer Advantage is from money coming in from customer purchases.

With the Customer Advantage you are seeing a real return on your zero cash risk investment while traditional advertising can bring in totally random results.

Second – Tell Your Customers About the Customer Advantage

Why would you want to do this? Well because they pay your 5% referral commissions on not only your customers but down 5 tiers which is just unheard of in the industry. Typically they just pay you an upfront fee and say goodbye.

What could this mean for your business? Basically it allows you to expand your profit reach into areas that have nothing to do with your main business just by signing people to the Customer Advantage. Once they are signed up and tagged to your business as the referrer, you will earn from them for life as well as anyone else they introduce. It costs them nothing to join and there is never any obligation to buy anything.

Can you see what this could do for you businesses bottom line? Now you can earn of your customers potential purchases.

Here is an example:

Say you own a car tune shop. You sign-up to give 50% off tune ups. You set up your campaign with the Customer Advantage for free with zero out of pocket expense. They advertise your offer and the next day you sell 200 tune-ups. Let’s say a tune goes for $80 so half off is $40. That’s $40 x 200 which equals 8000 minus the fee which is usually 50% so that gives you $4000 in the register and 200 new customers. They will start pouring in your business and of course you can offer them other up-sell items as well. But the main point is to try to turn them into a potential repeat customer.

Now with these new people coming into your company this is where word of mouth starts to happen, and you start getting other customers. Now when they come in they see a little take away card at the register that says join the Customer Advantage for Free to get discount offers in your area. And maybe your staff staples it to their receipt or you even have you have a little add auto printed on the invoice/receipt. Do this enough and a certain percentage will sign-up. And from there a percentage of those will purchase discounted deals which puts 5% of that deal in your pocket. That’s profit your company would have never seen without the Customer Advantage.

The potential for expanding your business here is enormous. Please go to the site and watch the video from the owner about using their services.

Better than Groupon – Get paid commissions

Customer Advantage members can save money on products and services they are currently purchasing locally. There are absolutely no costs to become a member and there never will be. Those who refer others can earn a very substantial residual income stream. Everyone can succeed when it is always free and saves everyone money on products and services in your local community. Offers can be up to 50% off or more off normal prices and you get them just for being a free member.

How is this possible you say. Where does the money come from? Take a look at the video on the right side of our site. It shows how companies like Groupon have become billion dollar businesses in such a short period of time.

The Customer Advantage is being compared to Groupon, a 2 year old company
with 40 million subscribers. We cannot say that The Customer Advantage is going to
attract the huge numbers of users that Groupon has but the potential is clearly there.
Unlike Groupon that drums up business will flat fee referrals and their own sales staff in just 40 or so cities worldwide. The Customer Advantage is putting the buying power and paying it’s members with commissions to group and expand the business. There is tremendous earnings potential here. Especially with a price tag of ZERO. The program is free to join and always will be… as stated at the website.

Things are different in business now. People spend less time looking at ads and the small/medium sized businesses have a huge disadvantage when it comes to get the word out about their business. Collective buying with Word of Mouth is the most effective option.
Leveraged Distribution or what experts refer to as “Principal-less Income”. Your
Greatest Option in the New economy.

Go to the site and sign-up. Then click the confirmation link in the sign-up email.

After that login to the member’s back office, you’ll see the “Viral Calculator” link and the following one-who-refers-one scenario.

This scenario is based on you helping 1 new associate per month get started and
each person that joins your Team helping 1. Some will do more, some will do less!
This illustrates the power of Leveraged Word of Mouth Marketing. It also illustrates
why so many that are consistent and sticking with it are so incredibly rewarded! The
commissions are calculated on each person purchasing 50 dollar discounted service or product per month and commission override of 5%. (The default is not considering any extra bonuses or incentives.

You can change the factors such as Number of associates each person enrolls per month,
the dollar value and Commission too.

Total Associates in your Team after 1 year 1585
All purchasing 50 BV per month $79,250.00
Monthly income @ 5% commission $3,962.50

Now, if we change the scenario to two-who-refer-two each month for a year we have the

Total Associates in your Team after 1 year 35312
All purchasing 50 BV per month $1,765,600.00
Monthly income @ 5% commission $88,280.00

There are very impressive numbers to be sure. However, let’s take a more realistic and
conservative approach. Let’s assume that we can achieve only 10% of the above 2 examples.

Scenario # 1 – 10% of $3,962.50 is $396.25 per month. Certainly not life-changing income
but every additional income stream is helpful. Always remember that the combination of
several small income streams adds up to a substantial improvement to your financial condition.

Scenario # 2 – 10% of $88,280.00 is $8,828.00. This most definitely is life-changing
income which, hopefully, will provide goal-driven members with the incentive to actually
refer 24 new members to the program during the next year.

Get involved today. Just go to the site and fill out the simple sign-up form. Then click the confirmation link in the sign-up email.

Get Ahead of a Huge New Trend

Google just tried to buy a particular company a few weeks ago for around 6 BILLION dollars. This would have made this company Google’s LARGEST acquisition ever in their history! What did Google see in this company? Well, that it’s on the verge of a paradigm shift in marketing, thus diverting a HUGE pool of money in a different direction. They wanted to control it!

What if there was a company that was just started that worked almost exactly like this company, except that instead of making just itself and its shareholders worth 6 Billion dollars (on its way to probably 20 Billion and more), it actually decided to include all of us? To re-build America by helping hundreds of small businesses everyday compete against the large corporations, create tens of thousands of new jobs across America, and allow all of us to share in the profits at the same time.

What kind of profits? If we just gave you the answer here, you most certainly wouldn’t believe us. Here’s how we’re going to ask you to get the answer –

We know it’s a lot as we are all very busy, but listen to the 30 minute audio beneath the 3 min. video at the above link. The 3 min. video is good, but in NO WAY will you know what this is all about unless you listen to the 30 min. audio. Then, after signing up for FREE, attend a conference call, and ask the founder at the end during the Q&A how much a person could potentially make per month with this if they really wanted to make a lot.

Often times when something is totally free, it’s hard to see ‘the money’. By the end of the call, we’re sure you’ll SEE IT! This WILL BE the next internet sensation like Facebook is, and you’re being invited right now to help out and take part as a founding member! You won’t see this on the web anywhere else at this time. The model is proven, and recently validated by Google’s desire and offer to purchase this model.

This is in Pre-launch, so understand that the special daily e-mails haven’t started yet, but you can get positioned now at:  >>

It’s Totally Free and Always Will Be!