Groupon vs The Customer Advantage

Groupon has been extremely successful offering huge discounts to consumers at no cost while giving small to medium size companies the power in advertising. This is the wave of the future, and the marketplace is wide open for companies to follow the same business model of collective buying that has made Groupon a billion dollar company almost over night.

The following table clearly shows the key differences offered as far as compensation go, and The Customer Advantage program clearly has the advantage in the long-run.

The Customer Advantage
Significant discount offers
Groupon Review
Groupon Review
Ability To Get paid From Personal Referrals
Groupon Compare
Groupon Review
Get paid From 2nd Tier Referrals Purchases
Groupon Review
Get paid From 3nd Tier Referrals Purchases
Groupon Business
Get paid From 4th Tier Referrals Purchases
Websites Like Groupon
Get paid From 5th Tier Referrals Purchases
Websites Like Groupon
Businesses Refer Own Customers & Earn
Groupon Review
Non-Profits Use As a Fundraiser
Groupon Review

Although most Groupon Reviews have been positive I believe the differences offered by The
Customer Advantage give it a A+ rating. There are other Websites Like Groupon but none of them deliver what Customer Advantage will be providing.

“The Customer Advantage”

Wins Over Groupon:

  1. Because of the commissions being paid out to subscribers – they
    are that much more motivated to support and respond to local
    businesses that are promoting through The Customer Advantage program
    rather than a Groupon Business.
  2. Businesses can now monetize their customer base
    by referring them to subscribe to The Customer Advantage program. This
    is not an available option if you are a Groupon Business.The potential
    response of their customers and their referrals to special offers from
    other local businesses adds additional revenue. Think about it, Joe’s
    Sandwich Shop has referred 1,000 customers to The Customer Advantage.
    Each of them have referred others and these additional
    people have continued to refer hundreds more. These people will be
    responding to a 50% off at Sally’s Flower shop. Joe’s Sandwich shop
    continues to profit from these purchases, even if they happen to be in
    another city or state.

  3. Non-profits, clubs and organizations can participate as well –
    This means candy bar sales are gone forever! Simply subscribe the
    constituents for free and encourage them to share it with their friends
    and family. The organization can make thousands of dollars a month from
    several generations of referrals simply taking advantage of
    significantly discounted offers from area merchants.

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